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The Way Out by Paul Bursnall

Original paintings from a coastal artist in Cornwall

As a coastal artist in Falmouth, I create ready-to-hang original paintings and mixed media artwork inspired by the irresistible Cornish landscape. Whether you're a coveter of Naïve art pieces, coastal artwork, or you're as enamoured with Cornwall as I am, you'll find plenty to choose from with Bursnall Art. My latest collection has strong nautical influence and features vibrant acrylic paintings, bold inked lines, and thought-provoking collage work.


Interested in owning one of my original paintings? Shop Paul Bursnall art with Singulart and Artfinder.

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Address: Trebarvah Road, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 5A

Tel: 07936 751460


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A desaturated version of 'The Way Out' by Paul Bursnall

"Two really smashing paintings that now decorate our "coastal room" here. Hope to buy larger canvases in the future."


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